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How To Play Any Slot You Want, The Ultimate Guide!

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How To Play Any Slot You Want, The Ultimate Guide 

Quick Reference

Step 1 – Download and install a VPN

Step 2 – Turn VPN on and set to an unrestricted country such as Ireland

Step 3 – Create a player account or change your current player profile country to Ireland

Step 4 – Refresh your browser for changes to take effect

Now you should be able to access all game providers regardless of the country you reside in!


The gambling industry is growing and reaching new peaks each year. With the explosion of online gambling in the recent years, gone are the days of having to travel to Las Vegas, Macao or Monte Carlo to feel the excitement and thrill of hitting a jackpot. You can now get the same excitement from the comfort of your own home. And with the growth of mobile gambling, you can now play on-the-go from your mobile device. No matter where you are, it can be at work, in the car or sitting in the park, you have access to the best gambling websites at your fingertips. There is a downside and depending on your location, you may find some restrictions. So I am here to help make sure you get the best experience possible when you are ready to join in on the fun!

Where To Start

There are sites such as CoindeskTimes that promote the most trusted gambling sites for you to try. You can read reviews to learn what game providers are available, what deposit methods you can use and find bonus offers available. Most sites offer a Welcome Package or sign up bonus which can give you 100% or more match on your deposit. You want to take advantage of these offers and be sure to sign up for promotional emails as most online casinos send deals not found on their website.


Changing the country in your player profile to match the country in your VPN will allow access to restricted games, just choose an unrestricted country such as Ireland”

Depending on where you reside, you may find some gambling websites are restricted in your region or country. If this happens to you, don’t panic or be upset! Thankfully there are ways around these restrictions and navigating around these restrictions is perfectly legal. What you need to do is use a VPN (virtual private network). This is a program you download on your computer or an app on your phone that lets you change or “mask” your real location. Some of the best and most popular VPN’s can be found here:

Once you have the VPN installed, turn it on and select a gambling friendly country. I always recommend Ireland as it has the least restrictions. Now go to a gambling website such as and create your account. It is important to note when creating your account, the country in your profile must match the country of the VPN. By having your profile country match the VPN country, you will unlock all restrictions and be able to play all game providers available. 

If you already have an account with a gambling website and have issues with some game providers being restricted but not all of them, you do not need to create a new account from scratch. Simply edit your player profile so the country matches the country in your new VPN. Now refresh your browser and you will have instant access to those providers that were previously restricted! Not all gambling sites require this 2 step change and some will work by just using a VPN, but if using a VPN only does not unlock the restrictions, the additional change to your player profile will grant you the access you are looking for!

My VPN Works But My Deposits Fail

Now that you have full access to gambling websites, you still need to make a successful deposit. Unfortunately, the most popular method people try is Visa or Mastercard, and that is the least successful choice as they are not always gambling friendly. Also consider that you are likely depositing into a website that is located in a different country than where you registered your card and it is easy to see why deposits often gets blocked for security purposes or fraud prevention. 

So, what should you do? Again, the answer is easy and perfectly legal. You want to deposit and withdraw with crypto currency. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tron and many others are available at most online casinos. Transactions are fast and often faster than credit cards and e-wallets. Crypto has evolved and become mainstream, so it is easy to create an account with, or any crypto exchange you choose. These exchanges allow you to buy crypto with your Visa or bank account, then send the crypto to your favorite online casino. They offer mobile apps and other mobile apps such as Cash app allow you to send and receive crypto, so if you already use these, you can quickly and easily make a deposit. 


If you have not yet gotten involved in online gambling, now is a great time to start and familiarize yourself with the many options available. You can play thousands of slots and new slots are released daily. If you are a fan of poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and other casino games, you MUST try the Live Casino section. It is a virtual casino with a real live dealer on your screen that you can interact with and speak to. You place your bets and play casino games and card games with other real players just like yourself. Something you have not seen in land-based casinos are Game Shows. These live game shows such as Dream Catcher, Monopoly, Crazy Time and Lightning Roulette have become more popular than the traditional live casino games and only available on online gambling sites. Want to know more? Just check out Evolution Gaming for the best options in Live Casino! 

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